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The United States Minority Chamber of Commerce present the New Era for Rural Areas through Smart and Investment Development Summit


July 1 - 4, 2024 | Mariott Dadeland Hotel Miami

Ready for the greatest development created for rural innovation? Get global recognition for your work in front of a large crowd of global leaders and public authorities.

Ready for the greatest development created for rural innovation? Get global recognition for your work in front of a large crowd of global leaders and public authorities.

The Governors and Mayors World Summit is the world’s biggest and most influential event on economic, innovation, rural and human development. We connect leaders from global investment portfolio, multilateral agencies, philanthropic companies, governments and organizations to move cities and disadvantage communities towards a better future.

The agenda will focus on shaping a better future for humanity and will highlight 12 main themes:

  • Looking the future: The government of one Economy

  • Artificial Intelligence for government

  • The solar city

  • Smart City

  • The success of the Governance

  • Funding and Partnership

  • The Environment: Water and Agriculture

  • Infrastructure for rural Development

  • The Economic and Innovation Development

  • The entrepreneurship development

  • The housing project

  • Emergency and preparedness

The XII Edition of the World Conference of Governors and Mayors is a private initiative of the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce for cities with populations of 300,000 or more. There are over 2,000 such cities connected with the Chamber today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the mayor and civil society. 

Ron DeSantis

Governor State de Florida

Dr. Rajiv J. Shah

President Rockefeller Foundation  

Michelle Lujan Grisham

Gobernador Estado New Mexico

Esteban Villegas

Gobernador Estado Durango

Michael Vergona

CEO Urban Solar City

Eric Adams

Mayor City of New York

Jorge Rey Angel

Governor Cundinamarca Colombia

Carlos Fernando Galán

Mayor Bogota Colombia

Jose Luis Martinez

Mayor of Madrid Spain

Deirdre Mulligan

Ai Director Federal Government

Cecilia E. Rouse

President Brooking Institute

Nellie Liang

President Digital Bank

Pete Gomez

Director Emergencia Miami

Ellis Juan

Director Rural Cities IDB

Abel Martinez

Alcalde Santiago, RD

Nahum Calix

Mayor Marcovia, Honduras

Our Invited Speakers

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To Heads of State and Government, Delegates, Chamber's Members in the Americas attending the World Governors and Mayors Summit Miami 2024 with theme of Strengthening the rural areas in the America & The Caribbean: A Once in a Generation Opportunity to reduce illegal immigration and poverty!

As U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce´s President, and on behalf of our partners, members and delegates, we believe that multilateral agencies, the government of the United States, large corporations, investors y philanthropic, at its core of opportunities need to be revitalized and oriented to be more consistent to the rural area in the Americas.

The Chamber without any kind of government's support has continuing helping communities through entrepreneurship, collaboration and solidarity. The Chamber organized the event with a powerful message to improve the economic, social, and human well-being of local people in the Americas. Everyone deserves economy, clean water, fresh food, a decent place to live and to be gainfully employed regardless of current economic status Next July 3 at the closing of the World Governors and Mayors Summit Miami, many of delegates will sign a universal declaration to call for a renewed multilateral system in favor to disadvantage and vulnerable communities in America. The 2024 Declaration mandated by the United States Minority Chamber of Commerce, provides recommendations “to advance our common economic and digital agenda and to respond to current and future challenges for municipalities.”

The ensuing U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce transformation vision in our Common Agenda report and subsequent decisions recognize that the Summit of Governors and Mayors Miami 2024 is a unique opportunity to accelerate the implementation of the outcomes agreed with government leaders and U.S. private’ sectors.

With only six month to go for next year’s Summit, which aims to agree on a package of ambitious and necessary reforms where is necessary and urgent to avoid a massive hungry and poverty in the region – the proposed  “Pact and Layout  for the Future  to reduce poverty and illegal immigration”

and related instruments, including a Declaration on Future Economic Development  Generations, and the implementation of the Global Digital for Rural Cities, the New Agenda for revitalized and stronger entrepreneurship center with capital seed to better respond to the serious setbacks for the region.

Rural cities everywhere recognize the challenges and shortcomings of today’s international decision-making for collective action. Political leadership is required in the months ahead to center the needs of humanity and our shared planet over internecine rivalries among Member States, recognizing that the Summit represents a vitally important, generational opportunity to deliver a balanced, yet far-reaching package of global governance transformations.

We therefore recommend that:

  • The needs of rural communities face today and, in the future, and the corresponding global governance structures required to meet those needs serve as the central point of deliberations, looking beyond short-term political objectives.

  • The World Governors & Mayors Summit Miami 2024 should allow for a strengthening (not backsliding or weakening) of existing international legal commitments and consultative processes to making investment through twin light industry plants, bilateral trade and foreign labor force.

  • To ensure that the full potential of the Miami Summit is widely socialized and better understood, civil society, the media and other stakeholders need to become more integrally involved in its preparations.

At the Chamber we are prepare for a meaningful Summit, governments must remain strongly engaged, and scale up their commitments and collaboration for their people, taking a long-term perspective to bring about a world that is more equitable, inclusive, secure and sustainable economic development. Period.


Doug Mayorga 

The Host: The World Governors & Mayors Summit Miami 2024

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